Throughout scripture God’s people have chosen hope as a strength building virtue. Hope is not optimism. It isn’t a wish. Nor is it a fantasy. Hope is a choice to see the future according to the faithfulness of God to fulfill His promises. Hope is confident trust that God will perform the promises in His word regardless of the present circumstances.

Hebrews chapter eleven is often looked to as the chapter on faith (trust) toward God. But in the very first verse the words “hope” and “faith” are linked together in a common thought. Those Old Covenant believers believed the words of the prophets regarding Messiah’s coming. Yet, all may not have understood in detail how that would come about. Nevertheless, they had a sense of certain trust that God’s promises would come to pass. This is significant. Too often people get embroiled in protracted debates over the details of how God will fulfill His promises. In many ways this can be an exercise in futility. As with many Biblical topics, the larger truth can become murky when we focus on the minutia. God’s main idea since page one of the Bible is to have an everlasting relationship with faithful humans who honor and obey Him. And that fulfilment is the overarching hope of humanity.

YAHWEH is God and He has committed Himself to save as many people as He can. He is the one who has given us this hope of everlasting life. As creator, He has the right and the authority to bring about His promises in whatever manner and in whatever time He chooses. Our duty as believers is to commit ourselves to be anchored by this hope. We should always keep in mind that the MOST important issue is not whether Christ’s return will be pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, or post tribulation; but in the truth that CHRIST WILL RETURN in bodily form and set all things right in this desperately wicked world. Scholarly debates over times, dates, and events may add some color or background to this eventuality. But no detail is more important than our confidence that God, at the appointed time, will send His son, Jesus the Messiah to finish the job of the complete restoration of this world where all who have put their trust in him will have everlasting life!

Those faithful believers named in Hebrews chapter eleven were focused on their hope of the first coming of the Messiah. For some It provided the personal strength they needed to endure the hardships they faced. For others, like Moses, it was motivation to forsake “the good life” and live in obedience to God. Whatever their personal reasons may have been, one thing was foremost in their hearts … “God is good to His word”. If He promised it, He would bring it to pass.

So, in these days of “wars and rumors of wars” and all the other chatter regarding end times, please take some time and read Hebrew chapter eleven. And as you do, think of the hope that burned in the hearts of those Old Covenant saints and remember this … God did it once (sending Christ) and absolutely will do it again! For Christ IS OUR HOPE!

Love in Christ,

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