Our Mission

To provide accurate biblical teaching so as to make known the Lord Jesus Christ, the Living Truth, and thus facilitate a worldwide community of mature Christians committed to following him by living the truth of God’s Word and sharing it with others.

Our Ministry

We accomplish that mission by way of live teachers, conferences for all ages and categories of people, books, newsletters, audio and video tapes, and internet outreach via our website. Those who choose to partake of these aspects of our ministry are free to utilize our resources as they see fit, whether by starting their own local fellowship or using our work in an already established group of Christians. We want to win non-Christians to Christ and to provide avenues for Christians to exercise their unique callings in the Body of Christ.

The basis of all our belief and practice is the Bible, which is the revealed Word of God, flawless in its original writing by those 40 or so believers who wrote during a period of about 1500 years “as they were moved aby the Holy Spirit” (2 Pet. 1:21). An honest look at the Bible reveals a coherence that is impossible for those writers to have achieved by collaboration. So-called “errors” or “contradictions” are due to man’s subsequent interference in the transmission of the text, or to mistranslations, or to misunderstandings of what is written. We seek truth rather than the religious traditions of men.


Our Goal

Our goal in setting forth the Scriptures is to convince non-Christians to make Jesus Christ their Lord and be born into the family of God. As per 1 Timothy 2:5, we also seek to enable each Christian to understand the Word for himself so he can develop his own convictions, become an effective communicator of God’s Truth, and fulfill his individual ministry in the Body of Christ. Jesus said that knowing the truth would set one free (John 8:32), and our teachings have practical benefit in terms of one’s quality of life—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

One of our goals is to teach the Word to ”faithful men who are able to teach others also” (2 Tim. 2:2). We plan to produce courses of study whereby those who so choose can become able ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will ordain to Christian ministry those whom our faith community recognizes as meeting this criterion, whether by training in our ministry or via an ordination they received elsewhere that we recognize.