Who Really Wrote the Bible— God or Regular People?

Remember that words have meanings. About 40 men “wrote” what we find in Scripture today, but GOD is the one “Author” of His Word. See Psalm 12:6; 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20 and 21 and countless other verses testifying to the truth that it was God Almighty who inspired the writers of Scripture to say what He wanted them to say.

The Bible was written during a span of about 1500 years and, obviously, many of its 40 or so writers never knew one another. This fact alone is convincing proof that the remarkable cohesion of Genesis to Revelation could not have come by means of collaboration among its writers. Genesis to Revelation is a perfect whole, with no question raised that is not answered. The Bible is a “Holy dictionary,” if you will, with each of its words defined within its overall context.

An old car commercial once proclaimed: “The closer you look, the better we look.” Of course, that is total bull. In fact, that cannot be said about anything a human being has done. The closer you look, the more flaws you find. BUT GOD can say that—and He does. If you come to His Word and give it a fair hearing, He will prove Himself to you. For more on this topic see our booklet: “How to Eliminate Apparent Bible Contradictions,” and these articles: “The War of Words: A Spiritual Battle (2);” The Lord’s Personal Curriculum For You and “Christian Apologia.” Also see our video seminar: “The End Times Seminar,” Segment 1. See our class: “One Day With The Creator” Segment 2. We also have these video teachings on this: “Where did the Bible Come From?;” and “Words of the Earth.”