One Day With The Creator is a thrilling journey into the heart of God. As such, it highlights and exalts The Star of God’s show, the risen Lord Jesus Christ, the only man who ever conquered death. If you believe the Truth taught in this class, you can:

• Have everlasting life
• Know Jesus Christ as your Brother
• Know God loves you
• Discern Truth from error
• Receive spiritual power
• Overcome fear and worry
• Live with an exciting purpose
• Truly love the people in your life

From the moment the class began, it had me. In fact, I did not want to go to bed—but I ran out of snacks. From a visual perspective: the setting, the lighting, the color, and the graphics were magnificent. Of course that all sets the stage for the nucleus of the class, which is the Word of God, delivered as only John does it, with professionalism, conviction, heart, and well-proportioned humor.

I think one of the most unique things about the class is that one learns the Word of God without realizing it. I think what I am trying to say is that it is so good you don’t realize how much you are learning. It’s not dry; it’s not like a seminar. It’s fascinating, captivating, and absorbing. I think I’ll stop there because I can’t really do this class justice. Thank you for your time, your heart, and your conviction.

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