The End Times – Good News … We Win

Dear Saved Saint,

How sad that far too many dear Christians found themselves disappointed and disillusioned during the past few weeks when one or more of the fallacious “prophetic” prognostications they were counting on never took place. No, the Rapture did not occur on either September 23 or October 7, and the Major League baseball playoffs are in full swing.

You gotta hear this month’s WWF teaching, titled Snatching Them From The Fire, in which I specifically address relevant “Eschatological” (End Times) truths—and the incredible privilege we have to understand them when so very few brethren do. If you are at all uncertain about the upcoming chronology of events, see The End Times video and “Get a chart; get a life.” We certainly need not be at all disappointed, but rather joyous that the Hope of our Lord’s appearing (not “Return,” because he is not currently “absent”) is closer than it was yesterday.

The “signs” that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24, etc., have NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANS, because Jesus did not then know anything about our current “administration of the Secret.” Rather, those signs are for those living through the coming Tribulation to help them endure to the end. Therefore, we are never told to “watch,” because there is nothing to watch for, other than people who need Christ’s love. When God gives Jesus the GO sign, he will snatch us off the earth in “the twinkling of an eye” (Greek: atomos, i.e., a speck of time).

And that could happen before you finish this senten……………….Just kidding, I’m still here. Romans 8:23 tells us that our attitude of heart is to be one of “anxious looking with outstretched head.” That is, we are to live with a sense of urgency due to the imminence of our departure, and do all we can now to leave a wake of deliverance behind us. We’re not singing the blues, brothers, because “We’re on a mission from God!” And it is one of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and HOPE.

Here’s a sobering truth: a Christian’s devotion to God and Christ is authenticated only by his active love for others (Mark 12:28ff; 1 John 4:20-21). So let’s get out there with the “Anyone-Jesus-loves-I-do-too” attitude and shine his light to the world.

I got a CHART, and I got a LIFE. How about you?

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