Is God Omnipotent?

Words have meanings. What does “omnipotent” mean? It is not found in the Bible, so we cannot define it biblically. A dictionary says: “Almighty or infinite in power.” In regard to God, that’s pretty accurate.

Some people say that God is “all powerful,” but that cannot be true because the Bible clearly shows that Satan also has great power, as do his evil spirit minions. It also says that Christians have great power via the gift of holy spirit in each one (1 John 4:4). So God does not have “all power” in the sense that He is controlling everything that happens.

Scripture shows that God is the most powerful being there is, and that, because of His Son’s free will choices to live and die for Him and mankind, God will eventually prevail in the spiritual battle and accomplish His goal of a perfect race of people living on a perfect earth. Justly, and by necessity in regard to that eventual Paradise, Satan, all demons, and every wicked person who has ever lived, will be annihilated. See our books: “One God & One Lord: Reconsidering the Cornerstone of the Christian Faith;” and “Don’t Blame God!” We have articles that go with this topic: “Does God ‘Permit’ Evil?” “You Are The Only You God Has;” and “God’s Infinite Resourcefulness.” We discuss this in the audio teaching: “You are the Only You God Has.”

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