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Cast Your Cares to God

In his first epistle, Peter exhorts you to cast all your cares to your heavenly Father. Furthermore, you are given complete assurance that He is both willing and able to relieve you of those cares, all of them, both the big and the small. But there is a reason beyond your own self that God wants you to allow Him to take those cares upon Himself. While it does indeed bring a calming relief to yourself, it also frees you up to serve others, and that is the main reason God wants to help you. Simply put, God wants to help you so you can help others. By serving others, you not only forget your cares, but you also help a brother or sister as they go through their own trials and tribulations.

God wants all of us to be free from cares so that we can be “clothed in humility,” which Jesus exemplified when, shortly before his own ghastly trial was about to begin, he tied an apron around himself and washed the feet of his chosen apostles, even the very one who was about to betray him. When each member of the body of Christ operates within this paradigm of service, the church will become that beacon of light on the hill to which others will be drawn. There is no higher calling, a calling that, if carried out, will bring rewards, not only in this life but in that which is to come. God promises that those who cast their cares on Him and humble themselves in service to others will be exalted in due time.

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