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The Independence of Truth

The Bible states that we have the spirit of truth and the spirit of error, which are universal concepts that apply to all of humanity, not just Christianity (1 John 4:5). The world’s viewpoint is that man is able to subsist apart from God, which is the great lie and a temptation for those who do not know Christ.

In this teaching Jon Touchstone shares the three principles of truth which are universal realities. Each person has the right and the responsibility to hold on to their freedoms, while pursuing the truth where it leads them. Just as the man who stood as independent from all others when it came to the truth – Jesus Christ. 


  1. RIGHT ON! In this day of post modernism that says truth is relative to the individual – that truth is whatever you believe it is – this teaching is both old-timely and refreshing. True truth is what it is independent of the individual. In fact, TRUE truth is God’s Word in the Holy Bible. So our touchstone for truth is not ourselves but God’s Word. And the TRUTH will make us free (so beware of error). And remember, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” and you can certainly believe and trust him!

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