WHAT IS FAITH? (Segment 6)

Good news! You are not a robot for Jesus. That is, God is not in control of you. He is not running a big puppet show. You have a say in the matter and without your say-so, it won’t happen.

Here’s how it works: God goes first, and makes a promise. Then it’s your turn to say, “Yes” or “No.” If you say, “Yes,” God responds by keeping His promise. If you say “No,” He can’t. The merit is on the part of the Promisor who keeps His Word.

God is saying: “TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.” Saying “Yes” to God is having FAITH. So “KEEP THE FAITH, Dude!” What is “faith”? Faith IN WHAT? Faith is TRUST; so faith requires, and is generated in response to, an object: the promises of God. Then GOD’S POWER makes something happen.

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00:30 Review of Previous Segments: What is Truth, Integrity of God’s Word, The Life in God’s Word, The Purposes of God’s Word, The Promises of God’s Word
01:30 What is Faith?
02:12 You’re NOT a Robot or Puppet! God is NOT in control of you!
03:25 Hebrews 13:5-6
04:45 Fun Examples of keeping a Promise & Following Instructions
07:35 You have plenty of Faith
08:00 Romans 1:16
08:35 Faith means Trust!
09:18 Hebrews 4:1-2
10:13 Faith is trust in an understandable promise.
11:15 Faith is NOT superstition (Dictionary: “A belief not based on reason”)
11:40 Faith is NOT a force. Faith alone makes nothing happen.
12:50 “The Secret” supposedly “The Law of Attraction”
14:40 This makes you God or the Devil
15:50 Fear displaces faith, and vice versa, but neither affects anything outside of you (Job 3:25? No.)
16:55 Mark 5:24-36
23:44 Mark 11:11-14,20-24
26:05 Israel = fig tree
29:25 Mark 11:23 always taken out of context. You have to have the promise FIRST!
32:00 1 John 5:14-15
32:45 Get SAVED from sin & death! Romans 10:6-11
35:10 Acts 27:20-25
38:25 “Fear Not!” The first thing they learn in Angel School
39:10 YOU are the only YOU God has
40:24 What do you expect?! Faith = “I can’t wait to see what how you’re gonna get me outta this one!”
41:10 Romans 4:16-22 How BIG is GOD to you? Magnify Him.
46:20 Faith CAN grow
47:00 Luke 8:15 patience = (Greek: hupomone)
47:45 Perseverance = A key to growing in Faith
48:40 Hebrews 10:35-36
50:35 James 1:17-25 God is NOT a yes AND no God
54:45 Habakkuk 3:17-19
56:22 IBEX example

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