In the midst of our current cultural turmoil, we stand firmly in the truth that God longs for us to talk with Him. When we pray with confidence, we know that God hears every word that comes from our lips. When we praise Him for what He has done – and will do for us, we burst with joy. God longs for us to share our requests, concerns, and fears; to lift up our families, friends, and communities.

God intends prayer to be the means of obtaining His solutions in a number of situations. We pray in preparation for major decisions (Luke 6:12-13); to overcome demonic barriers (Matthew 17:14-21); to gather workers for the spiritual harvest (Luke 10:2); to gain strength to overcome temptation (Matthew 26:41); to obtain the means of strengthening others spiritually (Ephesians 6:18-19), and when things become too much to bear (2 Corinthians 1:3,4). So let us pray!

• Our government officials – especially our President
• Food and medical supply chains
• Financial needs – families and small businesses
• Inspire the young and strong to help those in need
• Front-line healthcare workers
• Containing the spread of infection
• Resources for combating this pandemic
• Scientific community to fully understand the disease
• Media to reorient to providing honest information
• The public to be well-informed
• Shield us from anxiety and panic
• People with mental and physical health challenges
• People sick and infected – especially the elderly
• Homeless on the streets and in the shelter system
• International travelers stuck in foreign countries
• Christian missionaries throughout the world
• Workers facing layoffs and financial hardship
• Families with young children at home
• Single mothers and fathers
• For church leaders faced with new challenges
• For Christians in every city to be inspired to pray fervently
• People in need of treatments that have been postponed
• College students whose placements and graduations are uncertain
• Business leaders making good decisions that affect their employees lives
• International tensions between China, Iran, Russia, North Korea


  1. Also, please pray for our Banks and other financial institutions.

  2. Our gracious God, help us to not lean on our own understanding of things, but in all we do acknowledge You, so that You can direct our words, thoughts and actions. Our world is a mess! Forgive us for focusing on anything or anyone but You. Thank You for your Word that equips and empowers us to live each day.

    Lord Jesus, thank you for your love. Thank you that when I am weak, you are strong. Lord you know the Devil is scheming – and we know he desires to keep us from fellowshipping with you, as he tries to hijacks our minds to think on other things. Father, help us keep our righteous focus. Don’t allow the devil to have the upper hand. Give us the strength so that we might not give into discouragement, deception or doubt. Lord, we know you have not left us alone in this battle. We know that you are with us, even when the enemy seems to be taking ground. We cry out to you Lord Jesus for your passionate help in this hour of need.

    Father God, Thank You for Your unfailing love for us, Your blessings, and goodness. Thank You for Your faithfulness to guide us and see us through times of uncertainty, for lifting us up, and setting us on high. Thank You for your Word that comforts and reminds us of Your promises, your plan, and your provisions. Thank you for taking away our fears and worries, and the what-ifs, and reminding us that our help comes from You alone.

  3. Please pray that, as scripture says, we are delivered from unreasonable and wicked men, for all have not faith.

    Please pray that the Word of God has free course.

    1. Thank you for those words of inspiration. I really enjoy Thursday prayer meeting. Everyone prays so beautifully.

  4. Prayers for our state governors for godly decisions for the people they represent.

  5. Pastors, overseers, teachers, elders, and all members of the body of Christ to be spiritually united on the rightly divided Word of God.

  6. In addition to the Media to provide honest information…pray that our Father changes Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc to not censure His Truth or the believers.

  7. Also pray for our country Tanzania. We want to see God move in this difficult situation. He is the remaining hope we have.

  8. Pray that the Word of the Lord moves swiftly and is glorified during this crisis, and that a cure for this virus comes quickly.

  9. Please pray for my husband’s health and energy. Please pray for diversity of tongues. Please pray for our country to be more united and all this bitterness to be gone. Thank you God bless this wonderful country.

  10. Dear gracious heavenly Father, as you continue to bare your arm of strength for your beloved children, comfort and strengthen us, for we look to you as our unfailing source of all that is good. Guide us to do your will and to minister to all that you have put in our path.

  11. ABBA Almighty, Thank you for the discernment of truth in that we ask not amiss, and giving us an escape from evil and wicked men. Show us the wiles of our enemy, be our buckler and reward. Thank you for your Son Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – our Savior for evermore. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your council, help and direction to be more like you. Amen!

  12. Thank you, heavenly Father, that your holy Son taught us to fear not, and that we have confidence that our prayers are answered because we believe the truth.

    May your people walk and talk boldly, without ‘cancel culture’ diminishing the power of their words.

    Thanks for your provision in all things and for reminding us that you care deeply for us.

    And it is in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, that we humbly but boldly pray.

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