What Is “Sin”? How Can I Know Right From Wrong?

In the simplest of terms, sin is “missing the mark,” that is, failing to obey something that God tells us to do. In today’s “postmodern” culture where there is supposedly no absolute standard for Truth, too many people move the target, as it were, after the fact in order to make it look as if their behavioral arrow hit the bull’s eye.

In direct contrast, God gave us His Word so that we could continually adjust our aim, if you will, and keep getting closer to His unwavering standard of what is right and wrong in thought, word, and deed. God’s revelation to mankind is very clear as to what behavior is godly, and thus beneficial to one’s self and others, and what behavior is ungodly, and thus detrimental to one’s self and others.

Also, you have within you an inherent knowledge of right and wrong because YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT OTHERS TO DO TO YOU. That should give you a clue as to how you should live. For further study we have articles: “Getting in Touch with Jesus;” “Truth In the Inner Parts;” “The Urgency of Obedience;” “The Shout Heard Round the World;” “Why Be Born Again?” “Why Did Jesus Have To Suffer and Die?” and “The Sin of Lucifer and the Origin of Evil.” There are audio teachings such as: “Defeating the Enemy Within;” “There’s Work To Be Done;” “Romans Seminar;” and “Dealing With The Sin That Dwells Within.” In our foundational class: “One Day With The Creator,” in Segment 23. See our book: “Don’t Blame God! A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil, Sin, and Suffering.” We have video teachings such as: “The Golden Rule is Golden;” “Truth In The Inner Parts, Part 1 of 3;” “Truth in the Inner Parts, Part 2 of 3;” “Truth in the Inner Parts, Part 3 of 3;” and “Name Your Price.”

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