Is Christianity a Religion?

Absolutely not. It is a relationship between God and Christ and people who choose to enter into that relationship. In fact, Christianity is the antithesis ofreligion.

Religion is man-centered; Christianity is God-centered. In religion, man is the subject and God is the object of his pseudo-spiritual works. In Christianity, GOD is the subject (actually, He was here first) and man is the object of His relentlesslove.

In religion, the key word is DO, as man pitifully attempts to clothe himself with the work of his hands in order to earn God’s favor and save himself. In Christianity, the key word is DONE, because Jesus Christ did all the work of living a sinless life and dying for our sin. We simply trust in him to receive God’s favor by grace through our faith in Christ’swork.

Religion is based upon dead or dying men and their self-centered ideologies, and the end thereof is everlasting DEATH. Christianity is based upon the living Lord Jesus Christ, and the end thereof is everlasting LIFE. More on the topic can be seen in our video teaching: “God Hates Religion,” and our booklet: “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: 23 Arguments for the Historical Validity of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.” See our class: “One Day With The Creator.” Look at page seven of: “Romans Seminar Syllabus – The Living Truth Fellowship.” Our WWF teaching: “Giving God Something to Work With.” We also have articles: “Truth In the Inner Parts;” and “Fear: Face Explore Accept Respond.”

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