Does God Determine the Time of a Person’s Death?

No, because that would be murder. Sure it would, because murder is when another person unjustly ends your life against your will.

Check this out: Life is not a giant bakery. In other words, there is no such thing as you hear people say: “When your number is up, that’s it.” Here’s another truism: People are not milk cartons. You are not born with an expiration date stamped on you.

Because of Adam’s sin, and the seeds of death having been sown into all his offspring, you will eventually die unless the Lord Jesus comes for the Church while you are still alive. But the number of your days is a variable, and you can prolong your life by living according to God’s Word, eating healthy food, taking vitamins, learning how to deal with stress, getting exercise, looking both ways when you cross the street, and not rooting for the Chicago Cubs. Go for it. See our book: “Is There Death After Life?” We also have many video teaching touching on this subject: “Death SUCKS, Part 1 of 3;” “Death SUCKS, Part 2 of 3;” and “Death SUCKS, Part 3 of 3.”On our website under the topic: Life & Death we have many articles touching this subject. Here are some of them: “The Dead Are Dead;” “What State of Being Are the Dead?” “Where Are the Dead?” and “A Matter of Death and Life.” We have an audio teaching which will really touch on this topic: “A Matter of Life and Death.” See our class: “One Day With The Creator,” Segment 25.


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