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Long-Term Living

Although the whole world has been under the prevailing influence of the Evil One since Adam forfeited his God-given earthly dominion to him, the state of the world today certainly appears worse than anything any of us have seen during our lifetimes. What comes our way each day requires an overriding Hope that gives us a clear vision of a new world to come, with multi-variegated blessings beyond our imagination.

Most believers associate Hope primarily with Christ’s coming to raise all our loved ones who have fallen asleep, and rightly so. But besides spending forever with countless sterling saints in a glorious Paradise, there surely will be every good thing we enjoy now—magnified immensely. One of the most satisfying aspects of our forever future is JUSTICE, as meted out by Judge Jesus. Every human being—believer and non-believer—will get what he or she deserves, both good and bad. For Christians, the good includes REWARDS for how we have lived since being saved.