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Worship Before Blessing

If you ask the average Bible student, “Why did God want the children of Israel to be set free from Egypt?”, most would answer, “So they could inherit the Promised Land”. But that is NOT what the scriptures teach us.

Five times Moses tells Pharaoh to let the people go so that they may worship God in the wilderness. Was Moses attempting to deceive Pharaoh? If God’s purpose for delivering the children of Israel was to take them into the Promised Land, why did Moses tell Pharaoh it was for a different reason?

God’s heart has always been to have intimate fellowship with humanity. That is the essential message of the Garden of Eden… God and humans living in harmony where God is loved, adored and worshiped as creator and humans flourish. This intimate relationship remains His primary objective today. Yet sadly many church organizations promote the gains of God’s abundance with little recognition or acknowledgement that they proceed out of an intimate relationship. 
This sermon will help you to learn how seeking God’s face is more important than seeking what his hand can provide.

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