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The Real Christmas Story

The Christmas story is important because the birth of Christ is important. The traditional story of His birth contains many errors, and presents a cold, hard, and lonely picture about the circumstances of his birth. This expository teaching explores and reveals a deeper, more accurate understanding of the customs, time and place, and other details that truly make the birth of Christ an inspiring account of love, obedience, giving, and sacrifice.

This teaching deals with historic misunderstandings and mistranslations and shows how the birth of Christ was a considerably different event than what is normally taught.

Retelling The Christmas Story:
New Light on the Birth of Christ

by John W. Schoenheit

The modern understanding of the birth of Jesus and the Christmas Story as it is best known comes largely from extra-biblical works and traditions imported into the Gospels, rather than from the Bible. The story of the night of Christ’s birth needs to be relearned, not only because truth matters and what actually happened is important, but because the true Christmas Story shows the love and sacrifice that people make to help each other and the true joy of giving so that others can be blessed.

To learn the truth about the story of Jesus’ birth as the Scriptures show, we invite you to read our free booklet “Retelling the Christmas Story.” Full of extensive research, this work lays out the events of the night Christ was born like never before. We trust it will bless you as you understand the REAL Christmas Story!

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