Jesus Christ, aka “LAMBO”

Beginning with the first reference in Scripture to Jesus Christ (Gen. 3:15), the two-fold nature of his ministry–suffering and glory–is thereafter set forth. In his first coming to Israel, he was the Lamb of God, whose blood was shed for the sin of the world, the “man of sorrows.” More than anyone who has ever lived, he suffered injustice at the hands of wicked men. Jesus knew from the Old Testament that if he endured that suffering and death, God would raise him from the dead and send him back to save Israel, this time as the Lion of Judah, aka “LAMBO.” In this drama, which is still playing out, the bad guys do not win. Jesus Christ will once and for all destroy all evil people, as well as evil itself, Satan, and that is part of the Christian’s hope. His interrupting the Devil’s status quo in his earthly ministry, and then overcoming death itself, was a preview of coming attractions: HE WINS, and so do we!

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