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What Do Jesus Christ and Paul Revere Have in Common?

Answer: A sermon on a mount. Paul Revere’s message (“The British are coming”) was considerably shorter than Jesus’ (“The kingdom is coming”). And, while Paul’s words were significant in regard to the future of our country, they can’t compare to the timeless truths that “King” Jesus (which is how Matthew’s gospel portrays him) spoke in his “Inaugural Address” to his people, Israel.
Matthew 5-6-7 contain a plethora of prime principles regarding many aspects of life and godliness, including murder, adultery, divorce, helping the needy, trusting God, prayer, judging, and much more, but these God-breathed words must be understood in an administrational context. This current “administration of the Secret” was “hidden in God,” and therefore Jesus had no clue about it. Thus, everything he said (prior to his Resurrection) related to Israel, past, present, future. Don’t miss this comprehensive exposition of the first “recorded” teaching Jesus ever did.