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The Voice Of Truth

Each of us daily is confronted with a variety of voices that call out for our attention – voices of seduction and pleasure, voice of anger and accusation, voices worldly is philosophies and political ideologies. They entice us with promises of freedom and wisdom to live our lives as we so choose. All these voices cry out for our submission. In this teaching Jon Touchstone discusses that contrary to these voices, there is only one Voice of genuine Truth. Real truth is supernatural, transcending ages and causes. Truth comes to us from its author – God. We as Christians must once again declare that true wisdom comes from above, and that it’s this vital truth that results in the fresh breath of God’s redemption and goodness on this dying world.


  1. How simple you make God Word to understand, right to the point of the matter not to impress, but to walk in newness of life. Great teaching as always Jon.

  2. The problem with trusting folks that say they are teaching from the “spirit” in them, is that many folks claim they are doing just that, but contradict each other.

    Love, Michael

    1. Wonderful teaching! I found myself repenting for allowing my old man’s voice to be louder then the truth of God’s Word lately. Thank you! Love in Christ, Michelle

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