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Have You Been With Jesus, The Pioneer of Life?

That’s the question we should ask ourselves when we read Acts 4:13 and see what even those who despised the apostles thought of them. In this teaching, John Lynn will exposit all of Acts 3 and 4, including references from the Hebrew Scriptures that the apostles used in their declaration of God’s Truth. This scintillating account of our brethren Peter and John doing exactly what you are now equipped to do—preach, teach, and heal—is LOADED with pertinent principles relevant to many aspects of our Christian walk.

The times in which we live are in many ways akin to the first century, when the stalwart followers of Jesus Christ boldly proclaimed his Name despite aggressive opposition. We are still fighting “WORD WAR 5,” and this teaching will greatly encourage you to stand for our Lord in today’s “post-Truth” world.