Despising the Shame

The cross means many things to many persons. Ultimately, it represents Jesus’s victory over sin. But Jesus was a man, and as scripture tells us, was called to endure the cross and despise the shame it represented. He was tempted in all points, just as all of us are, yet he never sinned. His endurance is an example to us all. In running the race of life, we not only look at the exaltation of Jesus at the end of his race, but the motivation he needed to get to the finish line.


  1. I believe that God did not forsake Jesus Christ on the cross. For this reason was I spared. The definition of forsaken is to abandon or desert right, let them know that.

  2. Of course, God did not nor did he ever intend to forsake Jesus on the cross. That point isn’t being argued here. Jesus was quoting Psalms 22, which uses the word ‘forsaken’, not ‘spared’. These words have two very different meanings. You’re not showing how the definition shifts from one word to the other.

    Based on what you were once taught about this topic, please read what we teach concerning this subject:

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