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The Good Shepherd (Part 1 & 2)

Sheep are arguably the most helpless creatures God created. Being unable to care for themselves, they depend on their caretaker, their shepherd, for food, water, grooming, protection from ravenous beasts, and much more. In the 10th chapter of John’s Gospel Jesus said there is a good shepherd and there is a bad shepherd. The gulf between the two is deep and wide.

Jesus said he was the good shepherd, the one who was willing to lay down his life for his sheep who he purchased with his own blood. In contrast to Jesus’ loving care for his sheep, the bad shepherd, the hired hand who did not own his flock, would flee at the first sign of trouble.

When we confess Jesus as Lord and believe God raised him from the dead, we become a member of Jesus’ flock which guarantees that in this life we will get the best care possible. With the sure knowledge that all our needs are always fully satisfied, we can be glad and rejoice in saying, “The Lord is my shepherd!”

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