TLTF Leadership

Franco BottleyFranco Bottley had a hunger for truth from a young age. He was raised in a Roman Catholic church. He went to Catholic elementary, middle, and high school. He served the church, became an altar boy, was commissioned by the bishop, and graduated from a Catholic theological university. After 16 years of Roman Catholic education he came to a startling conclusion. He knew absolutely nothing about the Bible! This realization came after attending his first-ever home bible fellowship and hearing the manifestations of holy spirit. This experience changed the course of his life forever.

Since that time Franco has been researching and teaching the Bible for the past 30 years. Two passions have directed his life and ministry: an unwavering commitment to the rightly divided Word of God and seeing lives transformed by God's grace and love. His passion models the contagious joy that springs from enthusiastically following after Jesus Christ his Lord.

Franco is married to the love of his life, Christina, and is a dedicated and devoted father of two beautiful children, Anthony and Ciara. He takes his responsibility as a father very seriously; by providing for, protecting, and teaching them the truth. His family is a tremendous blessing to his life, and he is thankful for the joy they bring to his.

He is passionate about many things including performing in musical theatre, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, mountain climbing, canyoneering, snow skiing, and adventurous traveling. He is an accomplished Graphic Artist and is dedicated to using his talents to communicate God's Word in a visually powerful way.

Franco believes that God was preparing him throughout his whole life to be a part of The Living Truth Fellowship and to serve in the capacity that he does. He is a perfectionist with all he sets his mind to and will not settle for less then the best. His motto is "do it right, or don't do it at all."

Franco is extremely blessed to have been asked to serve as a Trustee of TLTF and looks forward to touching the lives of those who desire to believe the truth through this wonderful ministry the Lord has provided.

John LynnJohn A. Lynn, although he passes for a youthful 55 and is often "carded" when claiming his Senior discounts, John was actually born on November 10, 1943, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is still "growing up," but he got progressively taller in Indianapolis until graduating from prep school in 1961.

Faced with the alternatives of military service, college, work, or starvation, he chose Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, and, despite sporadic attendance in class, escaped with a B.A. in Economics in 1965, much to the chagrin of his professors, several of whom burned their PhD diplomas in protest. John did earn nine varsity letters in baseball, basketball, and football at Kenyon, and would have had more but for the fact there was no letter given for throwing water bags off the fraternity roof.

Shortly after graduating from Kenyon, John enlisted in the Army (ours) and went to Infantry Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia. By the grace of God he was commissioned in a non-Infantry branch and was not sent to Viet Nam as the rifle platoon leader he had been trained to be. Instead, he became the Sports Officer for the 82d Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, where he served his two-year tour of duty before being discharged as a First Lieutenant. He still wonders why he jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, but someone had to bring the volleyballs.

John had planned to work in the front office for the Los Angeles Dodgers after his military service, but during his Army stint he developed a passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God. From 1968 until 1987, he served as a minister in a worldwide Christian ministry, where he held a number of key leadership positions, including a five-year stint as the CEO at their college in Kansas.

Since then he has been the point man in founding two other ministries, Christian Educational Services (now Spirit & Truth Fellowship International) and, as of January, 2010, The Living Truth Fellowship. In the past 40 years, John has authored or co-authored about a dozen books, and has taught the Word of God for countless hours in all 50 states and on six continents. He can't wait to get to Antarctica.

Since 2001 John has also taught a 12-hour SAT prep course that is now the most popular such class in Indianapolis. Given that he has no skill but talking (and writing), he is forever grateful to God for dropping in his lap such a golden opportunity to do stand-up comedy for captive audiences of deranged "yutes," while at the same time providing them with proven strategies to defeat the dreaded test.

Larry LarimerJon Touchstone accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior while sitting with a friend in a pizza shop near Emory Law School, Georgia, in 1983, and his life has never been the same. Shortly after this, he participated in a year-long outreach program with a former ministry, and in 1989 graduated from a four-year Christian Leadership Program.

Jon is a career engineer, having graduated in 1998 from the University of Central Florida with Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He has subcontracted for both NASA and the U.S. Navy, and is currently working as a Senior Systems Engineer on a Department of Defense contract for Lockheed Martin in Orlando, FL.

Jon met his wife, Christine, and her two children, Felicia and Nick, in 1995, and Jon and Chris were married shortly thereafter. In 2003, they had their first son together, Caleb, and in 2006, their other son Joshua was born. Jon's two step-children, Felicia and Nick, are both grown and married now, and Felicia and her husband have three children of their own.

Jon and his family currently live in Oviedo, FL, where they run a wonderful household fellowship.

Jon is very blessed and privileged to be a member of The Living Truth Fellowship's Board of Trustees. He greatly loves God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and looks forward to contributing to the movement of God's Word throughout the world with this ministry.

TLTF Elders

Don & Christine Chamberlain – Brooklyn NY
Marc & Maria Dickie – Orlando FL
Janis Erickson – Wayzata MN
Mike & Dana Lewis – LaPorte TX
Virgil & Carolyn Ramey – Pinckney MI
Greg & Linda Rogers – New Palestine IN