TLTF Testimonials

This is a where you can post how God has blessed you. If you would like to share your blessings from God, please send us an email.

We've started into One Day With The Creator. WOW! Thank you for putting it all out there with this class. It is impossible to describe how exciting and riveting it is to hear John teaching the Word. Powerful, soothing to the heart, like a tidal wave of truth concerning Jesus, open heart surgery for the heart and soul!! Wish I were that bored billionaire with the blank check to give you.

Thank you' doesn't seem nearly enough to say about One Day With The Creator. Like a bolt of lightning that revitalizes the soil with nitrogen, ODWTC has revitalized our hearts with God's rightly divided, matchless Word. It is just like being born again—again! Thanks to all those involved in bringing this class to fruition.

We have been enjoying One Day With the Creator very much! It is very well done. The segment on faith was just fabulous. I am also very impressed with how lovingly you are able to show errors (i.e., how many sheep on the Ark, the temptations presented to Jesus, etc.). My four kids are enjoying it too, and that is a grand blessing because they are young adults and could easily be absent. Your knowledge of God's Word and willingness to hold it forth boldly is something for which we are very thankful.

Man, this class is incredible. I've been dying for something like this since I was born again, and this is exactly what I've been looking for all my life. I'm trying to watch a segment every night, and I'm actually looking forward to it every evening.

Tonight we finished ODWTC. Wow! Great class! A tremendous teaching of God's Word with love, heart, energy, excitement, drama, joy, and hope. All five of us who sat through it are so very grateful for the human cooperation so many brethren exerted so that God and the Lord Jesus could share their love for us. We all look forward to seeing it again, and gathering others to watch with us.