TLTF Testimonials

This is a where you can post how God has blessed you. If you would like to share your blessings from God, please send us an email.

I've been "in the Word" for decades. This morning I watched Segment 20 (the exposition of 1 Cor. 12–14) of ODWTC, and found myself seeing and hearing things it seemed I never heard before. It's a bit of a challenge to not get mentally lazy when I watch because sometimes what John is teaching is familiar to me. But sometimes it's not the same. If I miss it in the details, I won't know what I need to more closely examine, and possibly unlearn. ODWTC makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes me want to change. Thank you! (CD)

I was going to Bible Fellowship and somebody started talking to me about a class called One Day With the Creator. He said it is a fabulous overview of the Bible. I said that I've read the entire Bible and I don't need that class. He said that I did and that I would enjoy it, so I said I'd watch the DVDs. They were spectacular! Yes, I have read the Bible, but what I learned watching the DVD's was most fulfilling. There were so many things brought up that I didn't even know about. For example, I had no idea that the Four Gospels each present a unique aspect of Jesus' life: the King, the Servant, the Man, and the Son of God. This truth made the Gospels come alive for me. And the class taught me many more things about my God and my Lord Jesus. (DF)

We're about halfway through ODWTC. It's excellent! I'm really enjoying how Jesus Christ is the focal point all the way through. When I first heard that you were going to make another foundational class I wondered why. Now I know. Thank you! (JP)

I am 18 years old, and I recently finished One Day With The Creator. I can't tell you how much this class has made me want to grow in Christ. Each segment got me more and more excited about doing the will of God and of His Son Jesus Christ. Before the class I was unexcited about God's Word, but since then my mind has changed. Now my hunger for the truth and the Word of Yahweh grows more and more every day. You taught me so much (with the help of God) and I want to thank you. I have been witnessing to my friends, family, and others. Thanks for showing us the truth. (JCW)

The class was amazing. I have had a hunger and need to better understand where Jesus Christ fit in this Administration, because I felt I was not honoring him as much as I should. The Word of God John taught clearly established where my Lord needed to be in my life and walk with God, and I now have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many other subjects you covered have enhanced my ability to work the Word with greater focus and clarity. I did "Get a Chart," and words have greater meaning to me as the result of your class. After having been with John 30 years ago, I so missed him and his sense of humor. I laughed so much during the sessions I had to play them again. Thanks! (RO)

I am 13 years old and I live in Trinidad. I just finished One Day With The Creator. It was a very enjoyable and educating class. It was not boring, and it actually got me excited about the Word. It showed me things in the Word that blew my mind. I would encourage others to do this class, especially young people like me. I am so glad I experienced it, for it has made me grow as a believer in Christ. Because of this class I am going to build a better relationship with God and His Son. I thank God, Jesus Christ, and TLTF for this class.