Fruit of D'Vine

Fruit of D'Vine is the name of our monthly newsletter, based upon the biblical truth that each Christian is a “partaker of the divine nature” (2 Pet. 1:4-KJV), and that those who abide in Christ, the Vine, and are thus living truth, will bear godly fruit just as he did.

Our Treasure is Not Fool's Gold

April 2016

It’s SPRING! No foolin’! One-fourth of 2016 has already passed, and with it we bid farewell to cold and dark Winter and welcome warm and verdant Spring. As we experience the inexorable passage of the “days of our lives,” we also note our own changing seasons, that is, “periods of time marked by particular conditions.” One day, either when the Lord Jesus gathers us to himself or when we fall asleep in death, the legacy of your earthly life and mine will be completed. What will it be?


Did Jesus Really Die? Is Death An Enemy?

March 2016

“HE IS RISEN!!!” Here’s the record of when those indescribably glorious, and theretofore unheard of, words were first spoken:

Matthew 28:5-7a

But the angel answered and said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. 6 He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. 7a And go quickly and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead…

That angel is someone I can’t wait to meet! What on earth (or not) did he do to become the first being who got the privilege to proclaim the greatest truth God could speak to man: DEATH, THE MORTAL ENEMY THAT HAS RAVAGED HUMANITY SINCE THE FIRST ADAM CHOSE TO DISOBEY GOD, HAS BEEN CONQUERED BY THE LAST ADAM, WHO OBEYED GOD ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE CROSS.


Jesus Loves Me, This I know

February 2016

Well, it’s February, and the luster of the “Holiday Season” has faded. Somehow, Groundhog Day just doesn’t inspire the worldwide fervor that Christmas and New Year’s do. Fifty years ago, the age-old focus on Valentine’s Day was no doubt the highlight of this month for most people, especially those in love. And then came the first Super Bowl in 1967, with #50 coming up on the 7th of this month. And you’re thinking: “OK, how can John possibly tie together Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and the Super Bowl?” No problem.


2016 - Happy Truth Year!

January 2016

Happy Truth Year! “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more!” Another calendar year begins, and for each child of God living in concert with our Lord Jesus Christ, every moment is replete with godly possibilities. Personally, my lofty goal is to so live in 2016 that I have no regrets. As we sports fans say, “I want to leave it all on the field,” just like Jesus did.

If you share this mindset, it means that we will absolutely have to risk time and time again. Dictionary definition: to expose oneself to the chance of injury or loss.” Wait a minute—that sounds kind of scary. Why would I want to do that? Ever heard the maxim, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”? To gain something, we must risk the possibility of loss, or failure. You and I must venture in order to have an adventure. How can we be certain that acting so boldly will bring us wonderful results? Because vividly set before us in Scripture are the examples of both GOD and JESUS CHRIST doing the same thing.