Fruit of D'Vine

Fruit of D'Vine is the name of our monthly newsletter, based upon the biblical truth that each Christian is a “partaker of the divine nature” (2 Pet. 1:4-KJV), and that those who abide in Christ, the Vine, and are thus living truth, will bear godly fruit just as he did.

Is My Christianity Contagious?

February 2017

Now it is already the second month of 2017. Time inexorably marches on—more and more quickly, it seems. The question is: How are we using the time we are being given? Today we live in what could be called a “post-Christian” culture. Our Adversary has successfully blinded most people to the truth of God’s Word and so twisted their minds that they are groping their way through life with no standard for truth, calling light darkness and darkness light. Satan cannot obliterate God’s Truth, but he is doing all he can to marginalize Christianity as anachronistic, passé, and irrelevant, while at the same time getting people to believe that Christians are foolish, ignorant, and (fill-in-the-blank)-phobic.

In such a predominantly godless culture, it is easy to be intimidated and afraid to share Jesus Christ with people, or to be lulled into complacency and lose the sense of urgency with which we should be living each day. This is especially true if we are isolated from other like-minded believers and not a vital part of an assembly of Christians with an enthusiastic sense of purpose.



The Greatest Cause of Both Unity and Division

January 2017

Happy New Year! Fasten your seat belt, here comes 2017! Actually, your seat belt has already been fastened—permanently—by the Lord Jesus Christ, who has seated you in the heavenlies, figuratively speaking, and sealed you in his salvation, thus guaranteeing you safe travel from here to eternity.

Meanwhile, we still have a calendar, and it seems that this particular new year is one that holds the possibilities of massive social and economic upheaval. Even though our presidential election here in the USA took place almost two months ago, and Mr. Trump will take the oath of office in less than three weeks, there remain the deep-seated divisions that took center stage during the rancorous campaign and its tumultuous aftermath. It seems that certain forces are bent on fomenting hatred and cavernous division between all segments of our society: Republican and Democrat, black and white, rich and poor, management and labor, immigrant and non-immigrant, straight and “LGBT,” nationalist and globalist, etc. No doubt this is to prevent us from coming together against the forces of evil trying to enslave us.


Department Store Evangelism and The Joy of Giving

December 2016

Picture this scene: Christmas shoppers who are forced to pause for breath amidst the frenzied consumer melee in a department store actually listen to the words of a Christmas carol playing in the background while they are slumped over a lingerie display case. What might they hear?

“Come, desire of nations, come. Fix in us they humble home. Rise, the woman’s conquering seed, bruise in us the serpent’s head. Adam’s likeness now efface, stamp thine image in its place. Second Adam from above, reinstate us in thy love” (Last verse of Hark, The Herald Angels Sing).


Political Correctness

November 2016

This November 8, we here in the USA will hold a national election, with the Presidential race being perhaps the most polarized, most vitriolic, and most sensational ever. As Christians, we should base our political ideas and involvement upon what the Word of God says. After all, civil government was His idea. Actually, I think He intended it to be a lot more civil than it is. Can you say, “Bureau of Motor Vehicles”? Sure you can.

As you may have heard, WORDS HAVE MEANINGS! So let us define some terms for this brief piece. The Greek word for “city” is polis. If you dig into the etymology, you will find related words such as “citizen,” “civil,” and of course “politics,” “political,” “policy,” “police,” and “polite” (how did that last one get in that list?). Dictionary.com defines “government” as, “the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities.” Thus, “political correctness” should consist of the least controlling political policies best for all citizens, and enforced by polite police.