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Wednesday, June 6th

How To Take Care of Yourself

I’m trying to pay attention to people’s first impressions on me, and mine on them (e.g., doc and nurse)! At the bottom line, it is about BEING like Jesus, and then DOING the works he did. Understanding that makes it clear that our biggest enemy is SELF. Yes, because if I am going to speak and act like Jesus, I must first THINK like he did Think about those people you meet who give off something attractive, and who, for some reason, you immediately like—and feel comfortable around. It is our doing the work between our ears that draws “good” people to us (2 Cor. 2:24-17).

Stick to the simplicity of Christ. The Devil studies you and me so as to learn how to defeat us. We are not “ignorant of his devices." He plans his specific attacks on us based upon his assessment of our strengths and weaknesses, and our circumstances.

“Life” is terrifying, and the end of life—DEATH—is waiting around the corner to enthusiastically congratulate you on your fruitless journey. Without God and His Truth, people have no chance. Groping and floundering their way through life, most folks are simply trying to make sense out of the apparently random nature of human suffering, and avoid what they can of it. They have no idea of the spiritual battle raging around them, and that they are the targets. If you are not sure God and Christ are taking care of you, you’ll try to do that job yourself—and it won’t work! What did Jesus do?