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Wednesday, October 4th

The Cure For Racism/What is “Hate Speech”?

Because the Devil exists, and because he is who the Word says he is and does what the Word says he does, there most certainly is an ongoing 6000-year “conspiracy,” and the “persons” involved are willing pawns of God’s Adversary, who have fully committed themselves to carry out his malicious machinations. Their goal is control. In contrast, our goal is to set people free by giving them a knowledge of God’s truth.

Here in the good old USA, we have a relatively small number of people making a lot of noise protesting one thing or another. The goal of the forces of evil behind the scenes is to create as much division as possible by getting people to segregate themselves into “victimized” groups, characterized by an ersatz form of “community.”

An important part of the conspiracy is to restrict freedom of speech in order to silence those who would speak God’s truth. Among other restrictions, there is a movement to censor, legislate against, and punish, “hate speech” and “hate crimes,” but who determines what that is? Obviously, we need a standard for truth beyond the flawed mind of man—and of course that standard is the Word of God, which is why Satan so vigorously tries to obscure and distort it—and why we should with equal vigor make it known.

We delve into the above issues and more, including the cure for racism and that Jesus showed us that Truth is what both divides and unifies people.