God Loves You

Home is where the heart is, and the HEART OF GOD is found in His written Word, His flawless communication to mankind, whom He originally created to forever love and be loved by. As the God of LOVE, He gave man genuine free will, for without the ability to choose, man would be only a robot.

Plan A was the First Son of God, Adam, whose choice to reject His Creator led to the implementation of Plan B, actually “Plan J”—Jesus, the “Last Adam,” another Son of God. The only solution to the problem of sin and death brought on by the First Adam’s disobedience was for another Prototype Human Being to choose to live a sinless life and then die to pay the price for the sin nature and the sinful behavior of all the descendants of Adam #1.

The HEART OF GOD is also found in Jesus Christ, the Living Word, who perfectly obeyed His Father all the way to the Cross. Now, the risen Christ beckons to each person on the planet, longing to draw us close to him and fellowship with us as he helps us reach out on his behalf to a lost world.

The purpose of The Living Truth Fellowship is to magnify Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life. Our flagship presentation is a dynamic, thrilling, one-of-a-kind, video Bible class titled One Day With The Creator, which stars Jesus Christ as himself. Click the link to see a sample segment.

Honestly, we do not know where else to send you to find what you will find here on our website and in our video, audio, and written presentations. We encourage you to jump in and see for yourself how the Lord ministers to you through our work.