How much do you know about the Bible?One Day
With The Creator
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Has anyone ever told you the Bible is full of myths, fables, and contradictions? Have you ever heard that God "works in mysterious ways”? Or that God “allows” tragedy and suffering? If we let God speak for Himself, we find that none of those things are true.

Do you know that most people make up what they believe about God? But of course they don’t function that way in any other category of life because that would put them out of touch with reality.

GOOD NEWS! There is now a tool to help you understand what God actually says in His Word. One Day With The Creator is a thrilling journey into the heart of God. As such, it highlights and exalts The Star of God’s show, the risen Lord Jesus Christ, the only man who ever conquered death.

Jesus Christ is the only answer to the overwhelming problems people face today, but the message presented by mainstream Christianity has for centuries been riddled with way too much nonsensical doctrine that thinking people realize simply cannot be true.

One Day With The Creator is an exciting adventure in learning biblical Truth that has for the most part been hidden since the first century when the Lord Jesus Christ inspired the apostle Paul's epistles. This uniquely entertaining presentation is filled with heart and humor.