“What is Truth?” Through the centuries, countless people have asked that very question, some with a sincere desire for the answer. But far too many have voiced it with the same, “I-give-up-there’s-no-such-thing” resignation that Pontius Pilate had when a battered and bloody man stood before him. That man was Jesus Christ, and he was, and still is, The Answer to Pilate’s question, and yours.

God Loves You

In Jesus Christ we see the heart, character, and will of God, his Father. Jesus vividly proved to mankind that God IS love, that He is all good all the time, and that it is the Devil, not God, who is responsible for all sickness, suffering, or death. At every opportunity, Jesus interrupted the Satan’s evil status quo and brought wholeness to people.

Jesus relentlessly affirmed that the written Word of God is absolute Truth, and that in it are the keys to a purposeful, powerful, joyful, and peaceful life. Jesus perfectly internalized, and lived, the written Word of God, and he said that you can do the same.

The purpose of The Living Truth Fellowship is to magnify Jesus Christ, who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Our flagship presentation is a dynamic, thrilling, one-of-a-kind video Bible class titled One Day With The Creator, which stars Jesus as himself. Click the link to see a sample segment. In coming to our website, you have discovered a GOLD MINE. Dig in and find out!