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What Does The Word “Church” Really Mean?

May 2018

In today’s culture, the word “church” does not have a positive connotation for many people. Rather than it bringing to mind a vibrant group of people, unified in their beliefs and striving to be like the Lord Jesus Christ whom they love and follow, most people think of a building for public worship.

One problem is that most Christians do not distinguish between the different “churches/assemblies” set forth in Scripture. For example, Matthew 16:18 (“I will build my CHURCH”) and Revelation 1:4 (“John, to the seven CHURCHES which are in Asia”) do NOT refer to that body of believers that came into existence in Acts 2 on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:47 = ”the Lord added to the CHURCH daily.”)


We Uncover So God Can Cover

April 2018

About 2000 years ago today, a relative handful of Christ’s followers, those aware of his Resurrection, were still in ecstatic shock as they pondered this earthshaking event and what it meant to them. Let us remember that Jesus came to solve man’s two-fold problem of SIN and DEATH, and to regain the Paradise that the first Adam had squandered. The sin that dwells within me is my basic problem, and in this teaching I want to bare my soul to you regarding one element of that problem. It may be that you can in some way identify with my challenge.

Perhaps you’ve heard the admonition, “Get naked before the Lord.” Easier said than done, as Adam showed us after he had become dominated by a sinful nature and went into the clothing business. Like our sinful predecessor, my strong tendency is to shift the blame and hide my sins from people, and (unconsciously) from God, which is ridiculous. The key: how to work with the Lord to get to the ROOT of the sin and annihilate it within me.


Faith Revisited

March 2018

Obviously the question, “Why didn’t God answer my prayer?” is one that virtually every Christian has asked at some point. We may not always be able to answer that question, but God’s Word gives us a framework for understanding certain vital truths that will help us maintain our faith/trust in Him. Perhaps the main takeaway point of this teaching is that we never abandon what we understand from the Word in the face of what we do not understand experientially.

Someone recently sent me an interview by a radio host with a very upbeat woman in her mid/late 30s who is, by all reports, dying of “incurable” colon cancer. She teaches at Duke Divinity School, and has a young son whom she can’t bear to leave. She is doing immunotherapy in order to prolong her life a little more each time. She wrote a book titled Everything Happens for a Reason, and Other Lies I’ve Loved. That’s an inviting title, and a rare one. Then she mentioned other lies people have said to her during her illness: God is writing a better story; Heaven is your true home; God needs another angel. Unfortunately, she substitutes other non-biblical ideas in their place.


The Fab Five Keys to Your Spiritual Growth

February 2018

In One Day With The Creator, Segment 22 (Parts 1-3) is titled Spiritual Growth: The Five Basics. According to God’s Word, those five basic habits each believer should build into his life are: prayer, reading/studying the Word, fellowship with other brethren, sharing your faith, material/financial giving.

Why does God want us excelling in these things? Because together they help us KNOW HIM and His Son—and that is the bottom line of life. The more we know them, the more we love them. The more we love them, the more we selflessly serve them. The more we serve them, the more fulfilled we are.

Interestingly, one particular Greek word ties together all these essential habits. That word is prothumos, meaning “forwardness of mind, readiness of mind, willing mind, predisposition, inclination, alacrity of mind.” Achieving this type of attitude requires effort, so that, in the face of everything from a crushed button on your shirtsleeve to a horrible tragedy, your first thought is, “I can’t wait to see how God will work for me in this situation!”