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Balancing Grace and Truth

May 2016

John 1:18 says that “grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” How so?

How did Jesus Christ, despite the constant pressure on him as the Redeemer of mankind, so magnificently exude the love of God in such a way that all kinds of people were drawn to him, including many who were spurned by society, and even by the religious establishment?

Jesus was more aware than anyone about the extent of evil in the world and the spiritual battle raging around him, and he also felt the pain of humanity far more than we do now, yet he didn’t allow that to bum him out or distract him from his mission of passionately loving people one at a time, no matter how often they disappointed him. How did he do that?

What are the keys to living in the moment like he did, being unhurried and deliberate in our interaction with people? How do we balance a precise awareness of the spiritual battle with being a light in the world? How do we empathize with people like our Lord did, and touch their hearts with God’s Truth we have been given? Join us for some answers to those questions.


Belonging to The Truth: A Journey Through 1 John

April 2016

Written in part to refute certain first-century Gnostic fables based upon their elevation of “what is falsely called ‘knowledge’” (1 Tim. 6:20), the apostle John’s epistles (we’ll throw in 2 & 3 John for good measure) are pregnant with practical principles, as well as critical doctrinal truth regarding the person of Jesus.

1 John is about internalizing God’s truth and relishing reality. It is about educating your conscience so as to recognize the sin that dwells within you. Rather than the air-headed Gnostic notions, too many of which are still present in traditional Christian theology, John repeatedly follows a statement of truth with the words: “This is how we know…” He shows us that godly LOVE is TRUTH in action.

It is also the only epistle that specifically mentions “the sin unto death,” which Jesus referred to as “blaspheming the Holy Spirit,” a sin that “will not be forgiven.” What is it? Tune in and find out.

We have only 200 online connections, so be sure to join the party. You’ll be GLAD you did!


Satan's Relentless Assault on God's Glorious Truth About Man's Genuine Free Will

March 2016

First of all, YA GOTTA HEAR THIS TEACHING. Do you realize that the first recorded words of a human being were, in essence: “I’m afraid to be vulnerable with you, God, and it’s not my fault. In fact, it might be your fault.” Do you ever see in yourself any reluctance to own up to the choices you have made? Yes, we all do.

In one sense, Deuteronomy 30:19 sums up the basic message of God to man: “CHOOSE LIFE!” Clearly that means one could instead choose death. God has filled His Word with imperative verbs encouraging us to take advantage of the magnificent FREE WILL He has given us. This scintillating teaching will define free will and then specifically enumerate both the secular and (non)“Christian” lies that assault the truth thereof.

Most importantly, it will show you how you can CHOOSE LIFE thought by thought. The thoughts you choose physiologically change your DNA, turn genes on and off, and thereby program your brain by observably changing its circuitry. Your choices change your mental health, your physical health, and your spiritual development.


Romans 5-8: The Guts of the Gospel

February 2016

The Lord Jesus’ revelation to Paul that we read in his letter to the assembly of Christians in Rome has been called “The Magna Carta of Christianity.” As the foundation of the resplendent doctrine set forth in Paul’s Christian epistles, Romans is a treasure trove of truth for anyone seeking to know the heart of God and Christ. Precisely understanding it is indispensable if you desire to maximize the limitless potential you have in Christ.

Join us February 3 when John Lynn exposits Chapters 5-8 verse by verse. If necessary, he will make it a two-part teaching and finish it on the March 2 WWF as a prelude to our celebration of The Resurrection later that month.

Given the magnificence of the words we will read, this will be an enlightening, powerful, inspiring, healing, and exciting presentation.

If it has been a while since you have heard, or done, an expository teaching like this one, be sure to tune in and let the glory of the Lord envelope your heart.