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"Good God!"

September 2016

Satan began his assault on man’s perspective of God in Genesis 3, but what is the history of the development of the lie that God is in control, and that He either causes or allows all the unspeakable tragedy that has engulfed humanity? Seeing God as He reveals Himself in His Word is critical to the quality of one’s spiritual life.

How could any rational person believe that God randomly determines who will be saved and who will burn in “Hell” forever and yet cruelly offers salvation to all those He knows cannot accept it? Why is Romans 8:28 such a critical verse to correctly understand? This teaching provides the answers to these questions, as well as much profound truth about a subject that very few Christians who have ever lived have understood.


When You Come To A Cross Road, Take It.

August 2016

This teaching addresses what may very well be the bottom line of each Christian’s life: choosing God’s will or my own will. Why is the Christian life a crucible? How can we assist the Lord Jesus in achieving his goal of being formed in us? What does it mean to "take up your cross"? What does it mean to die to self? How can we be motivated to follow in Christ’s steps and enter this often painful process? What is the biblical relationship among suffering, faith, character, and glory? This poignant and provocative teaching will answer these questions and many, many more.


Magnifying Jesus Christ: The Living Truth

July 2016

This month’s “WWF” teaching is titled Magnifying Jesus Christ, The Living Truth. It is a “test run” of the opening segment of the video production we are doing in Longwood FL July 11-17. Who is Jesus Christ? Why Jesus Christ? What makes Jesus Christ the “Diameter of the Ages”? How is Jesus Christ God’s resounding “YES!” to mankind? This teaching has the answers to all these vital questions, and more. Check it out!


Good Heavens! (All three of them)

June 2016

For us Christians who desire to be like our Lord Jesus, a vague hope will not sustain us as we live in “this present evil age,” sorely tempted to succumb to the world’s perverted value system and waste our precious energy seeking its fool’s gold. And what about during times of real tribulation or persecution? Our hope must be concrete, and “going to heaven” is not going to cut it. But the Hope that God gives us—Paradise Regained, on earth—will help us stay faithful and keep going, no matter what.

We see in Scripture the chronological heavens and earth, and the three geographical heavens in this present age. Jesus Christ ascended through the celestial heavens and up to the “heaven of heavens,” where God and His Divine Council currently reside. One day, he will take us there, help us finally become “the organized Church,” and then come with us back to earth for his Millennial Kingdom.

Eventually, both God and the Lord Jesus will bring heaven to earth, and we will enjoy a new world with no war, no sickness, no injustice, no poverty, no hunger, no stress, and endless delights proportionate to the infinite diversity of our Heavenly Father. We must crystallize that vision and keep it before the eyes of our heart in order to rise above the trials of this fleeting life.

The more we recognize God’s magnificence in this world, the more we anticipate His surprises in the age to come, and live our lives so as to please Him and earn His rewards.