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Are You Sick of Sickness?

January 2017

The title of the teaching is Are You Sick of Sickness? Statement of the problem: Every one of us is sick, in that we came from the factory with a sin nature, and thus the seeds of death planted within us, so that from the moment of our birth we have been dying. When a leper approached Jesus, the “Prince of Life,” and inquired about whether it was his will to heal him, Jesus replied, ”I WILL!” Those glorious words are still echoing through the universe—and that is exactly what he says to you today!

Jesus showed us that the posture of God is constantly that of reaching out to us with His complete provision for us, so it is basically a matter of our reaching out in faith/trust to take hold of His solution—and refusing anything less. How do we do that? What doubts can negate our faith? What is the best way to minister healing to someone? How can we best take responsibility for our own health?

Finally, no matter how sick we ever get, we are assured of the ultimate healing—a new body, and the guarantee of that promise is the basis for us to have faith/expectation for our Lord to heal us now, as he longs to do.


Is My God Too Small?

December 2016

Scripture indicates that the root of all human sin is a faulty concept of God, which of course Satan has constantly promoted since Genesis 3 during his first conversation with a human. Even for us faithful followers of Christ, the root of all our nagging unbelief is that we do not see clearly the magnitude of our Heavenly Father and His burning love for us.

The solution: GOD’S WORD, both the Written Word and the Living Word, Jesus Christ. We MAGNIFY God by looking at Him through the lens of His Word, wherein He tells us all about Himself, and about His immeasurable love for each of us.

As we ingest some of what God’s Word says about how BIG, how GREAT, how LOVING, and how POWERFUL He really is, we’ll be reading two magnificently edifying sections in Psalms, and then going into the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and into the Lion’s Den with Daniel.


How About Some ”Civil” Government?

November 2016

Genesis 9 shows us that civil/political government was God’s idea, so as to promote freedom, prosperity, justice, and peace. His underlying goal was that wicked people could not stop God’s people from proclaiming His Word. By definition, “civil” has to do with citizens, and today it also means “not deficient in common courtesy.” Certainly God intended government to be far more “civil” than it has been for 6000 years.

In this teaching we will look at pertinent excerpts from Jeremiah, a prophet faithful to preach God’s truth despite opposition from government authorities. Some excerpts from Isaiah will show us what the perfect government looks like, and a few brief sections of Acts 4/5 will highlight the courage of our first-century brethren to proclaim the saving grace of God’s Word whether or not it was “legal."


War and Peace

October 2016

Are you hungry? Forget Arby’s. In this teaching, “WE HAVE THE MEAT!” If you would like to be immersed in scintillating Scripture for a few minutes, please join us this coming Wednesday evening. And no, it won’t be as long as Leo Tolstoy’s novel by the same title.

“War and Peace” must be in that order. Why? Because of the existence of Satan/evil, there cannot be peace without war. How do we know? The Bible tells us so. Jesus will eventually return to the earth and destroy all the wicked. Until then, each of us must wage war to demolish the strongholds of our sinful nature and bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Each day we can win the battle for Truth in own hearts and have internal peace.

As we will see, the Devil has conscripted many people to promote his lies. Therefore we must be “valiant for the truth,” which is the subtitle of this teaching. TRUTH MATTERS, because it sets people free, while believing error puts them in bondage. We are to follow Jesus’ example and conduct a War on Error.