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The Holy Spirit: Who? What? When? How? Why?

June 2011

One of the most critical, and most misunderstood, topics in Christianity today is "the Holy Spirit." Very few Christians understand the difference between (1) God, the Giver, the "Holy Spirit" and (2) the gift of holy spirit that He gives each person at the moment he is born again. This has led to rampant confusion in Christendom, with harmful effects to many sincere believers. The gift of holy spirit is not only a Christian's guarantee of everlasting life in the age to come, it is also his power source for living in this fallen world. This teaching answers all the above questions about this vital subject.


Heat, Heart, Hope

May 2011

The Thessalonian church was born amidst great conflict during Paul's brief stay recorded in Acts 16. His ensuing letters to the brethren there are filled with great heart and pathos based upon the camaraderie he shared with them, even after being with them only a short while--21 days max. To give them hope, Paul addresses the critical topic of the coming again of Jesus Christ, and in so doing debunks some of the same errors still being taught in the Church today. He clearly delineates between the coming of Christ in the air FOR all Christians (the "Rapture") and the coming of Christ to the earth WITH all Christians at the end of the Tribulation and the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom. He plainly shows that the Christian Church, the Body of Christ, is now blocking the Anti-Christ from rising to power on the earth, and that Christ's rescue of all Christians must occur before that terrible time.


The Power of An Indestructible Life

April 2011

Jesus Christ is the lynchpin of God's plan to save all men who choose life over death. As such, he had to step into the abyss of death and trust God to raise him to everlasting life. Jesus based his trust upon the written revelation of the Old Testament, where he learned who he was, what his mission was, and what he would receive for carrying it out. Because Jesus faced and conquered death, He will one day raise from death unto life all those who have believed in him as the Redeemer of mankind. In the meantime, he is the Head of a worldwide Body of believers, each equipped to leave an impact similar to his own.


We're on a Mission from God

March 2011

To what degree Jake and Elwood Blues were "on a mission from God" is suspect, but there is no question that the Body of Christ, composed of every Christian on earth, is on a mission from God. What is that mission, as defined by God and Christ, and how do we carry it out? This teaching elaborates upon two general "mission statements" given us by Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul, and three more specific ones from the same source, as found in Paul's epistles. We will see how those three correspond to the essential doctrines of the Christian faith and to the triumvirate of faith, hope, and love. Has the Christian Church successfully carried out its mission, or has Satan so distorted its understanding of these critical doctrines to the degree that the vast majority of people on earth have yet to hear the Good News in its purest form? Tune in and find out.