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“Just Like A Tree That’s Planted By The Waters”

September 2017

The above title may have prompted you to sing the next line in the old song, “I shall not be moved.” In this teaching we will look at what it means to persevere in our Christian walk, that is, simply to keep going, even if our pace varies. Like the seed that landed on good soil, you can be one “who, after hearing the Word, clings to it with an honest and good heart, and bears fruit with steadfast endurance.”

To do so, we must sink our spiritual roots deep enough to tap into God’s energy. Fruitful perseverance requires us to establish and maintain godly priorities. There are many battles we can fight, and we must choose wisely where we expend our energy.


God & Son, Inc.

August 2017

God & Son, Inc is about the relationship between God and His Son, from the time that Jesus was an eventuality in God’s foresight, through each day of his life on earth, and until the Lord takes his seat on the final throne. It is in the life of Jesus that we most vividly see the “human potential” that we also have. We will examine the unique, fourfold structure of each of the four Gospels, and debunk some prevalent myths about modern day “Israel." And we will be enlightened by how God encouraged His precious Son step by step, all the way through the agony of the Cross. The intimate relationship that God and His Son developed and enjoyed is what sustained Jesus all the way to his last breath in the first of the three bodies God gave him. Now, our Father and our Lord will encourage us moment by moment as we walk in his steps.


What The Hell Is Heaven?

July 2017

Remember that our Enemy, the Devil, focuses on distorting and contradicting the greatest of God’s truths, and that his very first lie (Gen. 3:4) was that there is no such thing as “death,” as that word is defined in every language on earth: “the end of life.”

Nearly all Christians, and even many non-Christians, believe that when someone dies, he goes directly to either “Heaven” or “Hell”—and stays there forever. No wonder we hear about “the living dead.” Those concepts so deeply permeate our culture that one hears them propounded nearly every day.

In this precise review of critical biblical truth, we look at the theological origins of each of the fallacious notions of “Heaven” and “Hell,” and contrast those to what God actually says in His Word. Be sure you understand these truths so that your True Hope is not distorted or diminished by Satan’s lies.


The Book of Acts: “Jesus, and the Resurrection”

June 2017

A recent Gallup poll showed that we live in a post-Christian society. Apparently, most people don’t think that Christianity is relevant to their lives. That is not surprising, given the many confusing notions that now pass for Christian doctrine. Christianity is supposed to be a vital relationship between Christ and you, but too much of it has been turned into a religious system, a bland philosophy, a collection of fables that make no sense.

But what if people could find a true hero, and one who loves them? What if they could find a genuine leader whom they could follow passionately? What about a BEST FRIEND? What about someone who is all of that and more—and who conquered DEATH? And what if that formerly dead man promised victory over man’s mortal enemy and glorious everlasting life to anyone who simply chooses to follow him? Let’s go to the Book of Acts for brief excerpts from 19 chapters and see if that is not what we find as being “The Good News.”