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The Cradle That Rocked The World

January 2018

So, Happy New Year! Are you ready to “go another round” with our formidable foe. I’m talking about him whom the Word calls “the evil/wicked one,” as in 1 John 5:19: “We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” That’s why the world is in the shape it’s in, and why the Christian Church is preaching centuries-old wrong doctrine about so many critical topics. The good news is that Jesus, your trainer, is in your corner. Therefore, we should desire to maximize our fighting ability, so that we don’t get to the Bema and say, “I coulda been a contender.”

Despite the joy of hearing Jesus proclaimed during the Christmas season, we had to endure countless references to the so-called “Incarnation,” a euphemistic way of saying that GOD became a BABY, which is clearly ludicrous. The fallacy of the Incarnation obscures the glorious truth of the virgin birth and that of The Human Baby in the cradle that rocked the world. Were there more accurate teaching about The Baby in that cradle in the manger, it would rock the world all the more. Why does the Word call this teaching “anti-Christ”?


Pregnant With Promise

December 2017

“In the beginning, God…” was alone. What His Word says that He did thereafter clearly indicates His passion for someone to love and collaborate with forever in the grand scheme of Paradise (“Garden of Delights”). This scintillating overview of what God has done so far, from creating and consulting with His Divine Council about how to renovate the original earth, all the way to creating the New Heaven and Earth, highlights the birth of His Son as the centerpiece of His relentless quest to overcome all opposition and bring to pass His original vision.

Despite rampant wrong teaching to the contrary, God decided to give us genuine free will, for love is not love unless we have a choice not to love. In so doing, He limited His control over planetary events so as to work within the framework of our choices. In Scripture, our Father bares His heart about His hopes and heartaches, His anticipation and disappointments, and He shows us His dynamic reciprocal relationship with Jesus during his earthly ministry.


See You At The Rock!

November 2017

Now there’s a phrase very familiar to many dear brethren, and one that always elicited great anticipation and excitement, vividly bringing to mind hot Bible, sweet fellowship with priceless saints from around the world, and great music. Sad to say, that “Rock” was shattered long ago, but that mantra is still applicable, and now should be even more meaningful to us than when we chanted it “back in the day.”

The true “Rock” is Jesus Christ, whom God raised from the dead and exalted as Lord and Head of the Ekklesia, his Body. If you have made him your Lord, you don’t just have a piece of the Rock, you are a piece of the Rock!


The Cure For Racism/What is “Hate Speech”?

October 2017

Because the Devil exists, and because he is who the Word says he is and does what the Word says he does, there most certainly is an ongoing 6000-year “conspiracy,” and the “persons” involved are willing pawns of God’s Adversary, who have fully committed themselves to carry out his malicious machinations. Their goal is control. In contrast, our goal is to set people free by giving them a knowledge of God’s truth.

Here in the good old USA, we have a relatively small number of people making a lot of noise protesting one thing or another. The goal of the forces of evil behind the scenes is to create as much division as possible by getting people to segregate themselves into “victimized” groups, characterized by an ersatz form of “community.”