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Four Days Of DEATH

November 2018

John 11 is the stirring account of our Lord Jesus raising his dear friend Lazarus from the dead, and it is pregnant with principles for our spiritual walk with the Lord. This record also contains one of the clearest sections in Scripture explaining the “sleep” metaphor God uses to take the edge off the horror of death.

Why “four days”? Tune in and find out. And here’s another burning question we will answer: Does God & Son, Inc. Auto Sales sell defective cars so they can then show off the quality of the Service Department?


The Trinity: Trick or Treat?

October 2018

From the title of this teaching, you might suppose, “John is preaching to the choir.” But of course choir members still need reinforcement of their core beliefs, especially regarding an issue as critical as who is Jesus and what is his relationship to God. And John will take a little different tack to emphasize how this confusing, convoluted notion dilutes the quality of one’s relationship with both God and Christ.

If you were God, would you make the most important truth in Christianity non-existent in Scripture? Would you leave out all the “key” terminology on which the doctrine is built? Would you make the “cornerstone” of the Christian faith so vague that no one would purport to either understand or explain it? So if there is no such thing in the Bible, why do most Christians believe in the Trinity?


Only You Can Prevent A Forest Fire—Or Start One

September 2018

God chose WORDS as the means of communication between Him and us, and between us and us. Logically, mastering their use is critical—and perhaps the key to avoiding sin. There are countless verses in His Word about the power of the tongue—for either good or bad. The tongue is a lethal weapon—the easiest way to sin. At least 25 negative adjectives are used in the Word regarding the tongue, lips, speech.

Administrationally speaking, we are currently living in “Word War 5.” Adam lost “Word War 1,” using his God-given mouth to shift the blame for his sin. It is significant that some time after that God had to intervene and scatter people’s languages so they could no longer collaborate against Him, at least for a while.


Two Roads To Glory

August 2018

As you know, belief in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to everlasting life (John 14:6). But did you know that in one sense, he is a divided highway, and both roads lead to glory? Are you aware that the vast majority of Christians are being taught that most everything Jesus said is pertinent to us Christians today? Almost none of them recognize the biblical truth that God and Christ currently have two programs now showing, although the one that came on the air first is now temporarily held in abeyance until the next stage in the second program is completed.

Knowing what parts of the Bible are written TO WHOM is perhaps the most important principle there is in Scripture. We must understand which parts are TO ISRAEL—past, present, future, and what parts are TO CHRISTIANS—present and future, or the Bible will not make sense. This is one reason why Satan so vigorously attacks the Truth about the Secret of The One Body. If one misses this vital truth, many other indispensable biblical truths fall like dominoes.